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Amnesty thanks the Standby Task Force for contributing to Tomnod's Crisis Mapper

Tomnod recently collaborated with Amnesty International and Digital Globe to engage crowdsourced monitoring of human rights violations in cities in Syria.  To recruit a crowd of dedicated volunteers, we turned to Patrick Meier and the Standby Task Force - an amazing online community of volunteers and crisis mappers.  Their overwhelming response helped to analyze thousands of satellite images covering over 100km2 and produced thousands of inputs.  When these inputs were filtered using Tomnod's CrowdRank technology, the resulting consensus locations pointed to numerous relevant features that were of help to Amnesty's analysis group and their team on the ground.  

Tomnod is proud to have worked with such dedicated and motivated crowd and the team at Amnesty were so pleased that they offered the following words of thanks to the Standby Task Force:


Dear SBTF volunteers–

Though there is much left on our end to be done in relation to the Syria pilot project, I wanted to take a moment and write to express deep gratitude.

The SBTF and Amnesty International are natural partners. Amnesty operates under the principle that—given the tools—people everywhere can act in concert to protect the fundamental rights and inherent dignity of each of us.

In AI’s 50 year history, the methods and means by which we agitate as a crowd has evolved beyond community-based Amnesty chapters, to a truly global movement that is no longer artificially separated into groups of activists/advocates and the people whose rights are at risk.

Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees all people the right to share in scientific advancement, and its benefits. Technology has always changed our world. But represented in your work and efforts is a truly new paradigm of social action for social good…one that at once transcends the structural, geographic, and economic barriers that have segmented the human family for too long, and also leverages the power of Article 27 back onto itself in a reinforcing model of technological innovation and group action.

Sadly, as we know, our efforts in this project will not bring about the end of the widespread and systematic abuses occurring in Syria. Indeed, over the course of the project, the situation on the ground as evolved for the worse, and large swaths of the country are effectively crimes scenes. The collection of evidence—and the path to justice—will be a long term endeavor.

But the fruits of the time and energy you committed to in the Syria pilot will have lasting and permanent implications for how AI and other human rights watchdogs approach documentation of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Through this pilot, we have already learned a great deal about the immense leverage social computation can have in the fight for human rights. I look forward to working with you and our other partners on this pilot to incorporate those valuable lessons into future plans.

And above all else, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the very near future, and to great effect.

On behalf of Amnesty International—our staff, our volunteers, our activists, and our partners in Syria and everywhere else we can and must collectively make a difference with this approach—I want to express profound gratitude. And I personally and humbly give thanks.

In Solidarity,

Scott Edwards
Advocacy, Policy, and Research Department
Amnesty International, US


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1990年代のスケーターファッションからインスパイアを受けたこのモデル ナイキ ダンク SB 。カラーコンビネーションもさることながら絶妙な素材コンビネーション dunk SB が足下に彩りを与えています。インソールにはインスパイアを受けた90sスケータ nike ダンク sb ーのイラストが施されています。 ナイキ バスケットシューズ 1985年にノンエアバスケットボールシューズ ナイキ トキ キャンバス としてリリースされ、その歴史が始まった NIKE DUNK ( ナイキ ダンク )。80年代は、カレッジカラーが登場しボーラーに愛され ナイキ エア マグマ ND 、90年代は、そのスタイリッシュなフォルムと革新的なカラーリングで復刻モデルとしてストリートで爆発的ヒット ナイキ ランニングシューズ 、21世紀に入ると、NIKEのスケートボードライン ダンク low にてズームエアを搭載し、タンを厚くしたスケシュー仕様 ナイキ エアジョーダン が多くのスニーカーファンを魅了 ナイキ エア プレスト レディース ナイキ エアマックス。ミッドソールに、位置により違う圧の空気を注入、それを透明の窓から見えるようにした靴。「 ナイキ エア プレスト 」はナイキ、ランニング・カテゴリーのトップ・モデルに与えられていた商品名。1987年、 ナイキ エア ズーム トキ 第1作発売。その後、ほぼ年に1モデルのペースで発売を続けた。また日本人の足にあう幅広3Eです。 間違いなしの1足です!

nike ダンク sb 界の超大御所「 ダンクsb 」とナイキの ナイキ エア ズーム トキ共同開発で大注目を浴びる「 コービー バスケットシューズ」が待望の入荷! 彼のニックネーム「YEEZY(イージー)」が付けられたことからも分かるように、 ダンク low 細部までカニエ・ ナイキ エアマックスウエストがデザインに参加した ナイキ エアジョーダン超話題作! ナイキ トキ キャンバス トレンドの ナイキ エア マグマ ND ビ タミンカラーを落とし込みグレーにて仕上げられた抜群 ナイキ ダンクの配色はもちろん、 ナイキ エアマックス 24/7今までにないインパクト抜群 ダンクsb のデザインなど超限定モデルに相応しい超ゴージャス仕 様! ナイキ トキ キャンバス 日本でのリリースは ナイキ エア マグマ ND 100足程度と言われる超限定モデル! ナイキ エア ズーム トキ市場価格を大幅に下回るプライスにての ナイキ エア プレスト ご紹介だけに、フリークの方は、この機会をお見逃しな く!21世紀に入ると、NIKEのスケートボードライン ダンク low にてズームエアを搭載し、タンを厚くしたスケシュー仕様 ナイキ エアジョーダン が多くのスニーカーファンを魅了
ダンクsb ラインから新作が登場。1990年代のスケーターファッションからインスパイアを受けたこのモデル ナイキ ダンク SB 。カラーコンビネーションもさることながら絶妙な素材コンビネーション ナイキ エアマックス 24/7 が足下に彩りを与えています。インソールにはインスパイアを受けた90sスケータ nike ダンク sb ーのイラストが施されています。 ナイキ バスケットシューズ 1985年にノンエアバスケットボールシューズ ナイキ トキ キャンバス その歴史が始まった NIKE DUNK ( ナイキ ダンク )。80年代は、カレッジカラーが登場しボーラーに愛され ナイキ エア マグマ ND 、そのスタイリッシュなフォルムと革新的なカラーリングで復刻モデルとしてストリートで爆発的ヒット ナイキ ランニングシューズ 、NIKEのスケートボードライン ダンク low にてズームエアを搭載し ナイキ エアジョーダン が多くのスニーカーファンを魅了 ナイキ エア プレスト レディース
ナイキ エアマックス位置により違う圧の空気を注入、それを透明の窓から見えるようにした靴。「 ナイキ エア プレスト 」はナイキ、ランニング・カテゴリーのトップ・モデルに与えられていた商品名。1987年、それを透明の窓から見 ナイキ エア ズーム トキナイキ コービー バスケットシューズ

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Carpal tunnel is condition wherein your wrist wont function right anymore.   It is mostly cause by too much repetitive action of the same part of the body.   And this is something that gamers should be aware since their fingers and wrist are exposed to the same repetitive action over and over again.  Most of the time, gamers tend not rest their risk as they are too addicted to playing.  Does this mean that you should avoid sites like <a href=""></a> since this gaming site is so addictive that you tend to come for more games each day?Fear not, several studies have proven that carpal tunnel don’t a connection with computer usage or too much playing video games.   Researchers say that both hardcore video gamers and those, who don’t play video games does have the same chances of acquiring the condition.  Carpal tunnel are prevalent in guys over 30, but there are some cases in which younger guys acquire it.    Through the years technology makes things easy for us that we tend to find other things to do in our life.  As such games like <a href="">gta games</a> become popular since these games are so addicting.  Sitting all day and doing the same repetitive action to play games are to be blame for blame for the growth of such patients with such condition.White studies suggest that there are no relation between carpal tunnel syndrome incidents and playing video games, it would be safer to take some precautions because anything that are use constantly is really going to worn out one way or another.   If you like playing games like <a href="">gta online</a>, it would be advisable to take some rest from time to time to let the wrist have some rest. Regardless whether the studies are true or not, you should not be abusing your body in the first place.

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1, 2017 Outboard motors for sale, the mainstream fuel outboard machine for petrol, is a widely used and mature technology, the advantages of wide power range. From the combustion technology, it is divided into two strokes, four strokes, and two stroke direct injection. Two stroke good acceleration (because the crankshaft rotates one circle once, but they work) emissions in Europe and the United States is not too bad, can be sold; four stroke relative to the environment, but the two stroke people do not adapt to the ability to accelerate it about Yamaha outboards for sale (Qu Zhouxu two turn to work once) 2, diesel outboard machine: due to the technical characteristics of the diesel engine, determines the diesel outboard machine could not widely used. Even if the popularity of high pressure common rail technology, the working principle of compression ignition type is also destined to work when the vibration and noise will be greater for Yamaha 4 stroke outboards.For installation in the cabin the inboard engine is not a problem, but on the outboard stern plate hanging in the fatal. 3, liquefied petroleum gas outboard machine: it was only one reason - Environmental protection. As countries increasing emphasis on environment protection, gasoline / diesel outboard machine has been unable to meet the requirements 150hp outboard Motor of environmental protection in many areas or lakes, and liquefied petroleum gas outboard machine was born. This is essentially a modification of the traditional gasoline outboard machine and the like domestic car to liquefied gas car. 4, kerosene outboard machine: a huge market in Southeast Asia and South Asia, using low quality kerosene as fuel. Advantages: save money about Yamaha 250 outboard; disadvantages: large pollution.

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